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April 2022

within the framework of 'subsidy for sustainable climate projects in the South'. the Province of Flemish Brabant nominated our project 'kidiki climate plan. kidiki part of the solution'! many thanks to the province and the North-South department for the wonderful subsidy!



‘to meet’

a project about collaborative development

Stephen Mubiru, jos kuppens and frieda de lannoy meet each other in Namwendwa (Uganda) in 2006. The philosophy and vigor of Stephen and the people of Namwendwa are making miracles happen. In 2007 they start a collaboration called “okwagaanana” which means “to meet each other”. Jos and Frieda call it a form of collaborative development. High in the agenda are mutual consultation, seeking information, seeking answers to questions relevant for the people of Namwendwa, and obtaining financial support for three local organizations: a school (Kidiki), a women’s group (Kyebajja Tobona), and a farmer’s cooperative (Dairy Farmers Cooperation) with particular attention to their vocational training center (the vocational training center or vtc).

Jos passes away suddenly and unexpectedly in September 2012. “Grief is the mandatory adjustment of your vision for the future” (after M. Nussbaum). frieda and the children continue the project. frieda returns each year to Namwendwa. Together with the three organizations, they review developments, discuss how to shape plans for the future. Progress, sustainability, multiplicability, all corresponding to the local needs, are the main concerns. frieda and jos always with her are driven by the efforts of the people of Namwendwa to realise progress. They believe strongly in the three local organizations, and want to contribute. Do you?

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“A miracle solution does not exist, but small steps can and will change things a lot” (Stephen, Namwendwa, 2011)